Future Proof Your Patient Retention And Engagement

An often-asked question about digital healthcare platforms is the impact it has on patients. Such platforms generally only look at things from the operator’s perspective – in terms of reducing turnaround time, streamlining workflow processes, making data entry easier and more. Rarely do such platforms project a patient-centric program.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) says that more engaged patients tend to be more aware and tend to make more informed decisions. With a patient-centric approach, healthcare provider’s resources are utilized efficiently.

So how do we make healthcare more engaging for the patient?

The answer to this question boils down to usability. When a patient has to spend less time filling out forms and looking up past medical records, it pushes them towards service providers who offer them more accessible options.

But what about what happens once the patient has left the healthcare facility? Engaging with a patient after that is an even more critical task. Technology has offered multiple resources to connect with the patient, even after they leave the hospital vicinity. From interactive reports, remote monitoring apps to wearable digital products to different social media platforms make it easier to interact with the patients.

These platforms allow the patients to learn more about their diagnosis and encourage them to make informed choices in their lifestyle. Also, it enables medical professionals to track patient health and provide better medical support to them.

Healthcare providers need to incorporate technology to provide the best and efficient services to the patients, fulfilling the healthcare system’s primary goal, i.e., providing end to end care to the patient.

A patient is likely to return to such a healthcare provider where he or she is made to feel comfortable and is provided with engaging information.

Engaging a patient and revenue generation

Patient engagement can directly correlate to revenue growth. While continuous engagement improves patient retention, that isn’t the only way available. With time, healthcare providers can partner with other entities such as diagnostic laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturers and insurance providers to offer special discounts. Such discounts attract the patient to stay with their current healthcare provider in the future.

As the world grows connected and the ongoing pandemic subsides, the importance of an easy to use the healthcare system becomes more and more pronounced. For the provider and operator, it helps reduce turnaround times and makes it faster to complete processes. For the patient, it helps them understand their health scenario more clearly. ABI Health is leading the technological path to provide efficient healthcare providers platforms, which can support them to reach out to the patients remotely. To know how we can help you increase the digital presence and revenue generation, contact us for more information.

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