LIMS by ABI Health makes it easier for your lab business to grow.

It takes just a few hours to open collection and processing centers. All the centers are managed under a single platform. You can expand your business, process more samples, and get real-time reports and insights. Here is an opportunity to scale-up your business in no time!

Batch Processing Samples

You can process an entire batch of samples using LIMS’ unique batch sheet-tracking tool that assigns a single barcode to the entire batch. Technicians can track the sample handling in real-time as soon as it is collected and assigned a barcode using the Workflow Manager. Cut down on wasteful standby time and do away with confusion over where the sample is!


Automation to save more! Time intensive and repetitive tasks can be automated, allowing for better efficiency. Integrate all equipment and devices on to a single, secure platform, thereby eliminating the manual effort of data transfer and also reduce the chances of human error. Instant actions can be triggered with a single click, and you can stay on top of your work with more efficiency.

Real-Time Reports

Reports and Insights in Real-Time! LIMS comes with real-time analytics that helps you make smarter business decisions. You can measure the performance of individual labs, track key performance indicators, current trends, and TATs. Reports with normal values can be automatically approved using the auto-authorization feature.

Expiration Alerts

Scale-up your business! Worry less about procurement and resources. The advanced inventory module in ABI LIMS’ automates purchases with expiration alerts and predictive reordering. Cut costs, eliminate wastage and pilferages while your center runs independently. Your business expands while process more samples, increasing revenues dramatically!

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