Data Sciences by ABI Health

Data is power, and our data science platform is all about harnessing this power for the advancement of health sciences.

Image Processing and Machine Learning

Using Convolutional Neural Networks, UNets, Random Forests, Image Morphology Analysis, Gradient-Boosted Trees, Feature Selection, and matching our platform allows solutions to be created to detect tumors, analyze cells and do skin type classification. Our image processing and machine learning services are used in Radiology, Pathology, and Dermatology.

Natural Language Processing

A variety of solutions such as health insurance and clinical record keeping are built using our Recurrent Neural Networks, Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM), PoS tagging, Entity Extraction, Natural Language Generation, and Conversational Systems. Our Doctor’s Notes, Smart Sheets, Radiology Reports, and Smart EMRs using NLP.

Data Analytics

Our Data Sciences Platform uses data analytics in critical areas of healthcare, such as Pharmacology, Record-Keeping, Business Intelligence, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Why Choose Data Sciences?

Artificial Intelligence: With expertise in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, ABI Health provides insightful reports and charts related to health trends for different age groups.

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