Asvi is a patient-friendly medical test reporting solution by ABI Health that delivers intuitive and easy to understand reports.

These reports include reference charts, relevant articles, and infographic based presentation for an engaging experience.

Interpretation Notes

This helps the patient understand what the tests means and values on them represent.

Investigation Trends

By using data from test results, a graphical chart is made to demonstrate variance from tests taken at a different point in time.

Range Bars

Test results are colour coded for a quick understanding of test values in comparison with their normal values.

Peer Comparisons

Data from different people belonging to the same age, sex, geographical location with similar health parameters is aggregated and graphically represented.

Multimedia Content

Patients can be shown short videos, offers, health awareness, and even advertisements.


You can integrate a range of online platforms with Asvi to connect patients and labs.

Why Choose Asvi?

Artificial Intelligence: Leverage the power of artificial intelligence and give each user the benefit of knowing where they stand in terms of their health in comparison to their peer groups.

360° User Engagement: Features such as Live Chat, email, Whatsapp integration allow you to stay connected with clients and continuously interact with them using an engaging loop created by Asvi.

Powerful Interactions: Patients can be engaged by Asvi in a user-friendly manner, helping them track their health using data from their history and test results, thus helping them gain a holistic understanding of their health status using graphical interpretations and more.

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