Spectra by ABI Health is an HTML 5 DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) viewing tool.

Spectra is used for diagnostic quality imaging, measurements, and reports on smartphones and tablets, making it a must-have tool for doctors, radiologists, and other healthcare professionals.

Rule-Based Routing

Spectra allows you to route studies using various DICOM tags such as status, modality, physician name, and more.

HIS Integration

You can integrate Spectra into your Hospital Information System (HIS) and have your worklists and reports connected for seamless access.

Modality Worklist (MWL)

This feature ensures accurate patient demographic data and data integrity, eliminates full entries, and the need to retype entries by making patient demographic information available at a modality.

Worklist Management

You can create DICOM worklists from existing procedures or create new orders and processes for testing modalities.

Miscellaneous DICOM Services

Spectra can also be used for Verification, Management Console, Storage Manager, Query/Retrieve, Print, and Modality Performed Procedure/Steps.

Radiologist Workbench

With an in-built Radiologist Workbench, you can see the use of Spectra to harness Data Science to report on images, access earlier pictures and reports, and more. Well-built reporting templates are available with a single click along with windowing tools, presents, annotations, and reference links for both preliminary and final reports.

Why Choose Spectra?

Become Paperless, Filmless, and Digital: Zero costs involved in preparing hard copies of reports. Reports can be shared conveniently and securely with patients and doctors. It's also environmentally-friendly.

Clinicians can easily access patient records anytime, anywhere. A complete set of images for a patient is displayed, allowing for more accurate diagnoses, and thus safer medical treatment through reduced medical errors.

Patients can access their reports with minimal waiting time. They also don't need to carry reports each time, since they're digital. It is easier to get a second opinion thanks to the sharing options built-in.

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