How ABI Health Remotely Signed A Million Dollar International Diagnostics Deal Beating Out Global LIMS Products

ABI’s footprint is quite a vast one, and among our newest partner for our Attune LIMS platform is a leading lab in South-East Asia. Like other labs we have partnered with in the past, our Southeast Asian partner is also going to get to experience our highly-acclaimed and easy to use the software.

However, bagging this partnership wasn’t an easy task. As with every other sector, we had a lot of competition, there were several other LIMS vendors and our newest partner wanted a completely detailed and thorough evaluation process. They tested our product for over a month before deciding to sign up with ABI Health for a million-dollar deal.

What made Attune LIMS By ABI Health the right choice for a diagnostics lab in South-East Asia?

The first feature that any of our customers look for is the interface. Attune LIMS By ABI is compatible with a multi-lingual interface that the customer wanted in this case. A multi-lingual requirement in both reports and front-end user screens was easily handled, making our product more valuable to the customer.

Another essential feature is the ability to add custom workflows. We were required to add a few country-specific workflows to the jointly identified system and addressed in our set up for them. Since the platform is architected to be configurable, these challenges were easily addressed. 

The most crucial aspect of any such deals, however, is the adaptability of any product. Attune LIMS by ABI is used by countless labs in India and, therefore, a mature product used in the market with minimal set-up. Even though South-East Asia was a new market for us, and we had to implement a few new workflows and enable the local language, the core product required minimal changes. Thus, we were able to provide a complete product out-of-the-box to our customers in no time.

What does this mean for the future?

This customer acquisition comes at troubling times worldwide. The ongoing pandemic has sent the entire healthcare sector into a tailspin. Such a deal happening remotely from scratch otherwise would have been perceived as impossible. However, it does enlighten us about the importance of a laboratory information system during the pandemic and long after the pandemic ends. As we move into the digital age, diagnostic labs need to get on to the internet bandwagon.

For our customers, this partnership means a lot more than just getting new software. It involves lesser time consumed on repetitive and redundant actions, faster report deliveries and more accessible data entry. It involves a less stressful job for the staff due to our rules-based validation and auto comments system. It means easier synchronization with multiple laboratories thanks to our corporate workflow and reduced TAT requirements to the laboratory itself.

Attune LIMS By ABI is the perfect solution for laboratories worldwide, and our newest partner is a living example of that. To cement our relationship further, both parties signed a renewable five-year million-dollar agreement, the length of which signifies the trust and belief our customers have on our products, services, capabilities and the company as a whole.

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