Digital Health Ecosystem: The Way Ahead

There is a visible paradigm shift seen in the healthcare ecosystem. The healthcare system must be more inclusive, providing high quality and cost-effective healthcare services to the patient.

Primarily during the coronavirus pandemic season, the importance of an effective healthcare system is clearly understood. By connecting the healthcare ecosystem with various digital technologies improves the efficiency of healthcare services.

With the restricted movement in the current pandemic, establishing a robust digital health ecosystem has allowed healthcare professionals to provide faster and better care without compromising quality.

What is the digital health ecosystem?

The digital health ecosystem enables various digital platforms to provide consumer-centric services. It connects everyone involved in the healthcare ecosystem, from healthcare providers, payers, patients and others who are part of the healthcare ecosystem.

The primary goal of this ecosystem is to provide better healthcare services to the patient. It also helps create a more effective network among the healthcare ecosystem participants to share the real-time data and patient’s medical history, interactive digital platforms with the patient. Wherein the healthcare professionals provide faster and effective care to the patient.

Healthcare provider-payer ecosystem

The healthcare ecosystem consists of providers and payers, wherein the providers include doctors, diagnostics, hospitals. They ensure to offer the best and effective healthcare service to the patient or the payer.

Meanwhile, payers are the individuals or companies who purchase the healthcare service from the provider. The relationship between these two is the backbone of this ecosystem, which requires to be connected efficiently through various mediums, preferably digital.

Benefits for healthcare providers & payers

The coronavirus pandemic has created the provider’s need to opt for various digital platforms to reach out to the payers for efficient results.

The time for digital expansion in the healthcare world will continue growing in the new normal phase. Every aspect of this system involved will be included and have an opportunity to improve their services and business growth. 

Both the provider and the payer will benefit from the digital health ecosystem.

Payer benefits

  • Payers will learn more about their health and can personally engage with the healthcare professional for personalized advice.
  • Allows interacting with other patients who might be going through similar health challenges through the digital medium. This helps to build a stronger health community, wherein the patients can interact and encourage each other for better health.
  • These platforms are financially viable for the patients and also reduces the wait time with faster consultation.
  • Patients can get the recommendation and advise on the financial and treatment costs, helping them find better medical service avenues.

Provider benefits

  • Real-time data is easily shared among the various healthcare providers, helping in the smoother and proactive care given to the patient.
  • The traditional healthcare and services providers are now able to work with new health payers and partners. 
  • Digital payments allow faster payment processes and easy to maintain the transactional record.
  • It will enable providers to analyze the hands-on data related to claims, logistics, reports, and others with various analytical tools.

Digital health ecosystem: future

The future of healthcare will be driven by data, artificial intelligence and digital telehealth services. 

Digital health allows the patient for better health management, especially those with chronic illnesses. It is easy to monitor their health status and provide the necessary immediate medical help as required.

The coronavirus pandemic has made the healthcare system adapt technology to deliver its services to the patients in need. Hence, the necessity of a healthcare provider and payer to work in unison is more than ever.

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