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How interesting and useful would it be to view your DICOM medical images on your tiny handsets, wherever you are, and share them with your loved ones, doctors, radiologists, caregivers, etc. Spectra cloud PACS is an HTML 5 DICOM viewer, which supports multiple modalities, and provides diagnostic quality imaging, measurement tools, reports and other imaging functionalities.Web and mobile, too? show me what it looks like!

Presenting the HealthClaim Suite

Connecting healthcare providers, payers & beneficiaries


for Hospitals

A portal that makes it effortless to get first-time-right claim submissions. It automates data gathering from hospital systems and provides revenue collection & TPA performance reports.

For insurance companies, it eliminates multiple queries, responses and creates digitized ICD-10 compliant data too.


for Healthcare Payers

Insurance companies benefit by having controls for efficient adjudication and driving operational improvements. Also incentivizes hospitals to use best practices in billing & treatment protocols.

TPAs benefit by getting consistent & compliant decisions each time; an improvement that significantly reduces claim costs.


for Everyone

Hospitals can reduce write-offs by better managing credit-risk denials. Revenue realization is also improved through faster collections and leaks are plugged.

Insurers' fraud detection goes up, reducing losses. Diseases can be predicted earlier and prevented and underwriting risks drop with provider ratings.


Live Doctor

Imaging being able to eliminate distance barriers and consult with your doctor through video/audio, calls/chat and receive e-prescriptions online. This is achieved through the Live Doctor product, a telemedicine application, which has web versions as well as Android and iOS mobile applications for doctors and patients.Web and mobile, too? show me what it looks like!
  • Live Doctor

    Doctor Visits are easier than ever with the New "Live Doctor App"


    Now you can visit the Board certified Doctors and Licensed Therapist anytime , anywhere by Video or Phone


    • Talk to a Doctor or Therapist from your Smartphone
    • Appointments available by Video or Phone
    • Private Secure and confidential Visit.
    • Payment Module Integrated.



    Web & Mobile

    Available both In Laptop and Smartphone ( in Android & iOS Platforms)


    Integrated EHR services

    Enables Doctors to access Patients medical history for better treatment Plan



    Has been designed to ensure the security of sensitive data. At the same time its architectural efficiently deploys required information when requested with its unique Protocol.



    Live Doctor solution allows Patients to access large Pool of verified Doctors through online video calls/audio calls and chat and receive their e prescriptions online. It has Responsive UI/UX design for web and mobile applications. E prescription module to allow Verified doctors to fill e-prescriptions for their patients online and send the prescriptions to Patient and their preferred Pharmacies through email. This solution enhances the reach of personalized care to a larger population allowing Patients to get access to Quality care provider and receive the medical attention during emergency situations.


HIT Engine

Disparate clinical systems? Different healthcare applications to learn? Reports on Different Applications to view? ABI's HIT Integration Engine and ABI's team of integration engineers have the expertise you need to connect various healthcare systems in the world to talk to each other in the most efficient manner. ABI has certified HL7 professionals as well as a team well versed in different healthcare applications globally to integrate with other systems using standards based adapters.Web and mobile, too? show me what it looks like!
  • Hit Engine


Home Health

Want to monitor your health from home? ABI's Home health platform provides the most user friendly appliance to a health professional to capture key data elements of family members and monitor their health profiles. Also provides collaborative healthcare through proactive health coaching, patient/caregiver engagement, follow up and health monitoring.Web and mobile, too? show me what it looks like!
  • Home Health

    ABI home health and wellness application can be a milestone in helping you achieve and maintain good health through well-designed health screening, health check-up routines and personalized treatment plans. With Home health evidence based treatment plan can significantly streamline your approach towards healthy lifestyle and improve the patient’s quality of life and also delay the onset of the diseases. The primary objective of ABI Home Health platform is to enable patients to achieve and maintain optimal care at home.

  • ABI Revolutionize Home Care Management By Delivering

    • Home based Health screening and assessments
    • Ability to access clinical results being at home
    • Targeted one-on-one care
    • Addresses mobility and commuting challenges
    • Real-time monitoring and supervision
    • Privacy and Security